luis arias vera bio

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At the age of 17, I left the little (but beautiful) town where I was born in the north of Peru, San Pedro de Lloc, to study Art at the Ernesto de la Carcova Fine Arts School in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I started studying in the school in 1955 and received my BA in Fine Arts (Painting – Sculpture –Print) in 1959. At the same time, I attended the Rosa Frey Worshop, also in Buenos Aires. Between 1958 and 1960, I won 12 municipal awards in Public Art Contests.

From then on, I dedicated my work to painting, sculpture and print. The awards, including residencies, fellowships and prizes, I received during my career are listed below:
- 1966: “First Honor Mention” III National Art Salon, San Marcos University, Lima, Peru.
- 1967: “First Prize” IV National Art Salon, San Marcos University, Lima, Peru and “Grand Prize” I Art Salon Competition, Peruvian Foundation for the Arts, Fine Arts Museum, Lima, Peru.
- 1968: Fellowship from the Foundation for the Arts, Lima, Peru, to spend one year in New York City, USA.
- 1982: “First Prize” Monumental Sculpture for the Main Plaza of Chimbote City Hall, Chimbote, Peru.
- 1990: 6 months of residencies at Altos de Chavon, Dominican Republic, in connection with Parson, New York City, USA.
- 1996: “First Prize” Folk Art, Coral Gables international Festival of Crafts and Arts, Coral Gabels, Florida, USA.
- 1996: “Special Habikino City Prize” III International Triennale of Painting, Osaka, Japan. “Scissor Dancer and seven stars” 1995. Acrylic on canvas, 215 x 170 cm.
- 2001: “Taiyo Kogyo Corporation Special Prize” X International Triennale of Arts, Osaka, Japan.  “Form the Andean Cosmos” 2000. Mixed media on canvas 750 x 200 cm.